The Last Wild Herd

Background: Acrylic paint on A3 cartridge paper
Animals: Print images on cartridge paper with paper fastener joints


In 2015, my first year of Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design, we were assigned a project called Ways of Seeing, this project allowed us to speak freely about a local or global issue through art. Myself and three other colleagues decided to create a stop motion video about the extinction of wild life.

The story takes place in the distant future where the humanity have failed to look after the living organism that is planet Earth. Pollution, Poaching, Deforestation and Pollution have decimated the various species around the world, leaving only one wild herd.

Each scene was painted differently and each limb of the animals moved independently to give the illusion of walking. The scene’s were photographed using a DSLR Canon Camera, in total there were about 200+ scenes which made up our one minute forty eight second video.


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