NXT LVL Exhibition

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At the end of the second year of my Bachelors Degree I volunteered to be apart of the design team, whose job was to band and advertise the exhibition. The Design Team, we were never given an official name, was made up of myself and three colleagues.

Our first job was to come up with a name for the exhibition, we each brainstormed some names then came together to pick our favorites to put in to a survey that we gave the class to help us make our final decision. We were glad the class proffered NXT LVL over the other name because while we were having the meeting about the about we had already come up with some ideas.

The theme behind NXT LVL’s design is 80’s Arcade Pixelation, the colours, however, are more complimentary to those of ideaschool. The Design Group was one to push the envelope, to come up with ‘out the box thinking’ idea’s. Two that stand out are gif invitation via and the way-finding cube both ideas allowed the individuals immures themselves and interact with the exhibition, allowing them to become part of it too.


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