Who is Rhymus?

My name is Rhys Rigione-Pisone
I was born in Tottenham,London, UK. I moved to New Zealand in 2008 with my family (Mum, Dad and Brother), in the future I would like to move back to London to work for a Graphic Design company and eventually start up my own studio and business.

I have enjoyed Art as far back as I can remember. In Primary School I wasn’t very ‘academic’, beside my work (in the margins) or at the back of my work book I would doodle, expressing everything I imagined in my head onto paper. Until I reached High School where your freedom of expression is restricted, my imagination was lost in the depths of my head, subconsciously creating new ideas and projects. My imagination was set free once I attended ideaschool. Numerous idea’s were rushing toward me, sometimes I couldn’t sleep unless I wrote them down.

At this point in time I define myself as a Graphic Design Illustrator, I feel more comfortable designing in a digital space because I have more accuracy and control over the design but I occasionally return back to Fine Art so my eyes and mind can breakaway from the screen.